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Ames Heating and Cooling is a 3rd Generation family run business in Ames, Iowa. The business was started in 1962 by Darwin Linder the grandfather of the current owners. In 1980 the business was taken over by James Linder, the father of the current owners. In 2012 James semi-retired and his sons Brett, Brody and Brian Linder took over.

Lennox Bronze 1961, Gold 1961, Silver 1961
1993 Centurion, 1996 Centurion, 1999 outstanding dealer performance, D5 Dealer, Certified Planned Service Dealer
Ames Heating and Cooling
Ames Heating & Cooling, Inc.
1503 Forida Ave. • Ames, IA 50014
phone 515-292-3322 or 1-866-444-7005 • fax 515-292-8947 •
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